I have always loved the idea of tracking the things I am working on. Seeing the numbers and percentages changing, or graphs and charts rising and falling is an unparalleled feeling.
So, I decided to develop a mobile application to give me insights about my monthly goals and the progress I am making. This has been a game-changer. Its easy to use and it also looks beautiful.
Meet Codlixe – your growth companion
Codlixe app

Track your Goals

Define your objectives and goals. Codlixe keeps you motivated by visualizing your journey with beautiful charts and graphs

Wheel of Life

Categorize your category using the wheel of life framework. This will help you to set balanced goals

Goals by Numbers

Put a number to your goals to make them easy to track. This makes it uncompromisingly easy to stay accountable

Progress at Glance

Insightful charts, graphs, and summaries will help you understand your progress at a simple glance.

Easy to use

Codlixe is easy and straightforward to use. No need to master formulas, or any complicated structures. Just add a goal, add a target, and choose the category, viola


You will be timely reminded about your monthly average progress to help you quickly and easily understand your growth.

Codlixe is currently available only for Android. The iOS version is still in development and will be available very soon.